Pastor Jeff and Maureen Day
Senior Pastor

Jeff and Maureen Day have been married for over 38 years.  They were both wonderfully saved in Prescott, Arizona.  Jeff was discipled, trained for ministry, and sent out of the Prescott Potter's House church. As the Senior Pastor of The Potter's House Albuquerque, Pastor Jeff provides leadership, preaching, teaching, counseling, and guidance for the church as a whole. During Pastor Day's 36 years in the ministry, he and his wife and family have pastored churches in Rochester, New York, Redlands, California, Phoenix, Arizona.  Jeff and Maureen served as missionaries in Johannesburg, South Africa, and then in Lusaka, Zambia, as overseer of the central Africa arm of our fellowship.  In September 2019, after fifteen years in Africa, the Day's returned to the USA to assume the pastorate of Potters House Albuquerque.


Jeff and Maureen have four children, a son and daughter-in-law, and four grandkids.

Joseph and Melanie Lujan
Associate Pastor

Joseph and Melanie have been married for 23 years.  They both experienced the life-changing power of Jesus Christ in conversion.  Joseph was discipled, trained, and sent out of the Potter's House in Albuquerque. Joseph and his wife Melanie pioneered and pastored the Church in Socorro, NM, for nine years.  They served as missionaries, pioneering the church in Suzhou, China.  After over five years in China, they returned in July 2019 to the USA to assist the church in Albuquerque.  As the Assistant Pastor, Joseph helps with Pastoral care, counseling, preaching, and teaching. He oversees Catalyst 18 young adult ministry and our 180-concert ministry.

Joseph and Melanie have two daughters, Brianna and Deanna. 

Charles and Shirley Kelsey
Children Church Leaders

Brother Kelsey and his wife Shirley are the leaders of the Children's church ministry. Together along with their team of volunteers provide our children with quality christian education. All of their activities are based on the word of God which include music, games and a puppet team.

I Got saved on April 17, 1999 and I've been living for God since. Jesus showed me who I really was and set me free from drugs, alcohol, fornication and more. I Love God and want to serve Him. 

Mark Benavidez

Evangelist Benavidez has been serving God for about 40 years. Throughout his service to Christ he has pastored 3 churches here in New Mexico, one in Bernalillo and two in Albuquerque and served as a missionary to Cuenca Ecuador. 

For the last 13 years Evangelist Benavidez has travel around the world as an international evangelist. He has preached God's word in Mexico , Central and South America and the Caribbean Islands, He has also preached revivals in Europe, Africa and China.

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