Beginning Sunday, July 12, 2020, the guidelines for attending church services will be as follows.


A. All attendees will be screened before entry:

1. Your temperature will be taken with a contact-free thermometer.  If your temperature is 100 or             above, you will not be allowed in the building.

2. You will be asked a few questions regarding your health and potential exposure.

            a. Have you experienced a cough or fever in the last 14 days?

            b. Have you experienced body aches in the previous 14 days?

            c. Have you or an immediate family member been exposed to someone with COVID-19

                Within the last 14 days?

3. All attendees will be required to sanitize their hands before entry.

4. Face masks are required for all adults and children two and older.

            a. If you have a medical condition where a mask is unadvisable, please talk to a staff member                    or watch from home on the live stream. 


B. Social Distancing:

1. Please be safe regarding physical contact: No shaking hands, hugging, etc.

2. We recommend keeping a 6-foot distance when possible.

3. We ask that families sit together

4. Please cooperate and obey our ushers regarding seating and distancing.


C. During Service:

1. For offerings, plates are positioned in the back of the church.  We encourage online giving through        Secure Give found on our website

2. There will be no Adult Sunday School until further notice

3. There will be no Children's functions until further notice.


            a. No Children's Sunday School.

            b. No Nursery.

            c. No Children's church. 


D. Responsible Communication

1. If you or an immediate family member has been exposed to COVID-19, you must report it to one of        our pastoral staff.

2. If you have knowingly been exposed to a confirmed COVID-19 carrier, even if you have been

    tested, please wait 14 days since exposure before you and your immediate family return.


E. Traveling Out of State

1. New Mexico Travel Advisory: If you are traveling to New Mexico, please follow all safety guidelines        and restrictions. Local governments may impose more restrictive guidelines so be sure to check              local instructions before traveling. Please be mindful of the following general guidelines for travel to      and within the state of New Mexico:

  • Effective July 1, New Mexico is enforcing mandatory self-quarantine for all out-of-state travelers to New Mexico, whether by air or vehicle. The mandatory self-quarantine is to last 14 days or the length of stay in New Mexico, whichever is shorter. The June 1 exemptions to the travel quarantine are still in effect, which can be reviewed below.

  • On June 1 the public health order was amended to provide the following exemptions to the 14-day self-quarantine requirement:

    • airline employees on travel for work

    • individuals performing public safety or public health functions

    • emergency first responders

    • health care workers

    • military personnel

    • individuals employed by a federal agency or a national defense contractor

    • individuals arriving to New Mexico pursuant to a court order

    • individuals traveling to New Mexico to conduct business activities


Our objective is to keep people safe while we join in worship.  I know that for some, these measures are too strict, for others not severe enough.  If anyone has personal objections to any of these protocols, I advise that you join us via live stream from your home until things come back to a resemblance of "normal."

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Albuquerque, New Mexico 87121